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Tuesday, October 30, 2012
It is certainly that internal memory is a very important part for laptop computer. Compared to many other memory device, it is really the main component to the users. In regular work, the internal memory is installed outside the hard disk with several card troughs to store some texts, games and other data.

SDRAM, Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory, is a kind of storage memory that can transfer data once an hour. Up till now, SDRAM has developed into four ages, including SDR SDRAM, DDR SDRAM, DDR2 SDRAM and DDR3 SDRAM.

DDR SDRAM, used to be called as DDR, can transfer data twice an hour in both rise and descend period, which is a double rate synchronous dynamic random access memory. And DDR2 has double transferring ability to take charge of the whole thing.

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DDR2, Double Data Rate 2, has lower quantity of heat and consumption to improve the running rate. Meanwhile, DDR3 has definitely brand new specifications to DDR2, which is not only the improvement in performance but output voltage and lower consumption as well.

The main frequency of internal memory is the same as the CPU, which is used to be the speed of internal memory. The memory main frequency is calculated by MHz. To some extent, it stands for the running rate of internal memory.

As is known to all, the clock speed of computer system is measured by frequency. The higher the main frequency, the faster the internal memory is. However, the memory itself doesn’t have piezoelectric oscillator. That is why the clock signal is supplied by chipsets.

Nowadays, the laptop and desktop kingston memory has already taken advantage of dual channel memory technology, which relies on chipsets memory controller. In theory, it has two memories of the same specifications. It has solved the problem of CPU and memory bandwidth, which is a solution of high cost performance.

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