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Friday, October 26, 2012
Speaking of power energy, it runs into the mind that includes lifespan, work temperature, running rate and standby time. On no account can users rely on a weak laptop battery of short lifespan. However, as a matter of fact, even if from the same manufacturer and the same specifications, the laptop batteries will perform different from each other.

Macbook pro 15 battery

In regular work, Macbook pro 15 battery of 5800mAh and 10.8V is powerful enough to support the Apple Macbook pro laptop computers in running the programs, lasting for long enough, getting enough running rate and other requirements.

As for the lifespan, it is more complex that is related to many different factors. In theory, the recharging cycles are close to the lifespan while the real performance is not the same as nominal value. As the actual work will consume some cycles and too high work temperature will reduce the battery life to a great extent.

For this reason, to extend and realize the maximum lifespan of macbook pro 15 battery, it is necessary to take good care of the lithium-ion laptop batteries with suitable maintenance tips in cool and dry places with suitable remaining power energy inside.

As for the running rate, it is determined by the output power and actual demands. When the programs are of higher consumption, the standby time and running speed will be lower than before according to the proportion. Therefore, the higher output power is, the longer Macbook pro 15 battery can last for. However, it is hard to get the accurate value of standby time as the required consumption is different from each other.

As the standby time is closely related to the running rate, on no account can users ignore the influence of output power if users need higher running speed and long last time. Of course, good maintenance ways and proper usage methods can help us to realize all the above requirements to some extend even if the battery is not replaced.

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