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Sunday, October 7, 2012
As for a laptop, it is really a very terrible matter to come across battery problem that cannot be charged normally. After all, the battery has helped the whole computer to achieve perfect portability in actual work. Therefore, some simple tips will reactive the lithium-ion batteries from not being charged.

r60 battery

Reactivate the r60 battery by power management software

As for IBM laptops, there is Battery MaxiMiser and Power Management inside that can indicate the incorrect battery capacity and standby time information can provide suitable solution. By that, the laptop computer will activate and discharge the battery automatically to read and adjust the capacity differences.
In addition, the laptop manufacturer has BIOS accessory inside to maintain and activate the lithium-ion laptop battery.

In Windows 7 system, the power options interface can improve the battery performance to be high performance. Then adjust the plan settings to never and adjust the brightness to be the maximum value.

At this moment, click the options to change the advanced power setting, wireless adapter setting to be power saving mode and set the used battery to be the best performance. Open the battery indicator and inform when the capacity is low. Save the settings and close all the programs before shutting down the laptop computer and recharge the battery to be full.

As a matter of fact, the batteries need to be reactivated have similar features as follows.

The new or replaced lithium-ion laptop battery
The battery that hasn’t been used or be removed from the laptop computer for a long period
The laptop that hasn’t been opened and working for months

Of course, the actual standby time won’t be accurate the same, especially compared to the nominal value. Usually, it is necessary to charge the battery by 1-2 times each month to keep it in good work conditions.

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