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Sunday, September 9, 2012
As for some laptop users, it is really a terrible matter that the whole device comes to be shut down automatically although the battery is indicated to be of enough power energy. How com does it happen? Actually, in some cases, it is caused by battery problems. Thereby, we are about to talk about the causes for this problem clearly.

Please try to charge it by original compatible charger to see if it can be charged fully.
Actually, not all the problems for charging are led by the battery performance. Therefore, it is of great significance to take advantage of powerful high-quality AC adapter to have a proper charge before deciding if the battery is damaged or not.

Gateway nv59 battery

If possible, users can put it into the cold box and activate Gateway nv59 battery by charging and recharging.

As for shutting down automatically, except for power energy used up, the work temperature is another factor to influence. The lithium-ion batteries are with Li-ion cells and control protection system. When the temperature is increasing to be too high, the system will be effective to cut the all power energy down to avoid any dangerous situations.

After that, it is necessary to check the status in BIOS or operate by other battery management tool.
As a matter of fact, the wrong BIOS information will also lead to wrong performance. For this reason, if the recharging cycles and life time are dropping rapidly, it is possible to be the wrong indicating in BIOS instead of the actual performance. If so, activation will help the laptop to return back to normal work conditions properly.

Of course, in most cases, a replacement Gateway nv59 battery can figure out the root cause and solve the problem in a short time. If all the solutions above don’t work, the replacement is the last one to check and come back to the correct way in regular use.

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