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Tuesday, September 4, 2012
The heat is dangerous to all the electronic products while users have taken all efforts to cool down the whole device to ensure it can run smoothly and steadily. Here, we will talk more about how to control the laptop AC adapter work temperature to keep and improve the performance for a long period.

What has aroused the high work temperature when charged by the adapter?

As is connected to both laptop and outlet, the difference between the two sides is greater than any other parts in the laptop. For this reason, the difference has produced a lot of heat in the process while internal circuits will need to keep the whole device secure. That is why many users figure out it comes to be higher and higher in the temperature.

Compared to lithium-ion batteries, the adapters are of more complicated internal circuits.

In the internal structure, the Dell Studio 15 battery is composed by lithium-ion cells and control circuits. Comparatively, the adapters are of more circuit series part inside to have the whole process of power transformation done more successfully.

Is it normal for the laptop chargers to be hot in the process of work?

Actually, nearly all the chargers will increase in the temperature with time goes by as the circuits are working to transform the output power of different voltage and current. Therefore, users don’t need to worry a lot about it while it is also unreasonable to look down on it.

How can we control the work temperature properly instead of hurting the internal structure of Dell Studio 15 battery?

Normally, the air is the good friend to all the consumer electronic products and it is necessary to cool down the whole adapter fully to have an overall contact. On the other hand, it is unreasonable to keep the charger connected to the outlet all the time, which is also waste of electricity.

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