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Monday, August 27, 2012
Even though playing with Lenovo T60 laptop for a long period, few of us has considered of consumption and charging performance seriously at that moment. However, as for original supplier, the power supplies have different warranty to the whole laptop. That is why we need to remind users to pay attention to consumption and charging of laptop battery and charger.

lenovo t60 battery

Some operations that influence on the laptop performance

Overcharging – It is truth that lithium-ion Lenovo t60 battery doesn’t have memory effect inside while the control circuits are the parts for users to take charge of the security and stability. Even so, overcharging will also damage the laptop battery in the internal circuits.

Poor laptop charger – Compared to brand new high-quality laptop AC adapters, the poor quality ones conclude refurbished and used versions. Therefore, it is of great significance to select a compatible qualified top rate battery and charger to pursue for good performance.

Too high work temperature – Especially for the adapter, after using for a long time, it will come to increase seriously in the work temperature. For this reason, it is necessary to keep the whole device contact with the air and cool down enough to have long lifespan and last time.

Over discharging – Similar to overcharging, over discharging is even more dangerous to laptop computers in many aspects. Therefore, we recommend users to remain about 20% to 80% power energy inside to have it run more smoothly.

Actually, consumption in power energy and performance is related to both laptop accessories and power energy. Users need to pay attention to the selection, usage method, work circumstances, and other important features.

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by: USB Phone World