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Monday, August 13, 2012
Is it necessary to take out the laptop battery when AC adapter is plugged in? Actually lithium ion batteries have approximate 500 times volume for being charged and discharged. The lifespan of batteries is exactly related to the frequency of charge and discharge.

If your laptop which has Sony vgp bps8 battery inside is plugged and unplugged into the power supply several times within one day, that do more harm to your battery. Because connecting with the external power supply each time is equivalent to charging the battery one time, therefore that could be also consume its working life.

Consequently, you had better take out your battery if your AC adapter is plugged in, which will prolong the lifespan of your battery.

We can analysis the situation your laptop meets when your AC adapter is plugged in the external power supply.

Because of the laptop computers charging protection circuit function, battery inside can maintain in 95% ~ 100% of full power state. Meanwhile, the environment temperature of battery could be at least 25-30 degree centigrade. In addition to this, the temperature would be much higher in summer. The conclusion you can easily get from above is that plugging AC adapter with the battery inside will harm the battery badly. It causes its capacity down memorably. The consequence is your battery will die quicker because it is under the bad circumstance always.

In other words, it still runs a little risk for plugging AC adapter only without battery inside. That may hurt the hardware of your laptop if outage suddenly or voltage instability. But it is not necessary to care so much as it seldom happens.

So we suggest that please take out the battery from your laptop under the situation that the power supply is stable. And backup data from time to time in case the external power supply is cut.

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by: USB Phone World