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Wednesday, August 1, 2012
As the Olympic Games is coming, more and more people are pursuing for higher, stronger and faster. Therefore, to last longer and run faster, many users are pursuing for high performance in lithium-ion batteries, such as HP NV6220 battery.

Laptop computer, as a portable device in the office, is definitely different from the desktop computer in many features. However, as all the consumer electronic products are susceptible, it will come to be high consumed in capacity and not easy to be protected. At present, the laptop batteries are all lithium-ion and can last long if maintained well.

In regular work, HP nc6220 battery has the process of discharging. As for a new laptop computer, the remaining power energy will be lower than the theoretical value as some of them is consumed in the process of transmission. It is suggested that users can discharge the lithium-ion batteries fully if they are new versions. Of course, it is dangerous to consume all the power energy inside while the best work situation is around 20% to 80% remaining power energy.

Through the operation as above, the laptop battery can work normally in the process of work. After charging, it can perform well and last long enough to get more power energy from the internal circuits and lithium-ion cells.

As a matter of fact, if not used for many times, the Li-ion HP NV6220 battery will be out of work suddenly. For this reason, it is necessary to store and activate the batteries correctly according to the work principle. In the process of storage, the best remaining power energy is of about 40% to 50% in some cool and dry places.

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