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Tuesday, July 17, 2012
Lithium-ion Dell Studio 15 battery is composed by battery shell, internal circuits and lithium-ion cells. Generally speaking, the cells quantity is closely related to laptop battery capacity in output voltage and current. The control circuits are used to indicate the charging and recharging system information.

The standby time of laptop batteries is mainly determined by mAh. That is to say, the more lithium-ion cells inside, the higher the mAh will be. So is the standby time. The battery life is also measured by recharging cycles that can be about 500 to 600 times. Therefore, in two years, the old used batteries will be aged and decreased rapidly in standby time and other performance.

The usage tips for Dell Studio 15 battery

Actually, it is a problem for laptop batteries in extending last time and lifespan. Of course, there are some effective ways according to experience and battery features.

Enter into sleep mode rapidly

To save power energy, users should have a suitable battery management system to enter into sleep mode if not in use for a while. If users are not going to do like that, it is also effectively to close the LCD screen to help the Dell Studio 15 battery to save more power energy. After all, it is a high consumed part for laptop computers. Therefore, in regular work, turning down the screen brightness can also help users to control the last time.

Power saving setting

As is known to all, the power supply for laptop is the AC adapter. Therefore, power saving mode is of great significance to users. As for power saving setting, there are two modes, including BIOS setting and CMOS setting in windows system.

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