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Friday, June 29, 2012
Speaking of the laptop computer advantages, many laptop users will consider of the portability that has brought us a lot of funs in using the laptop computers. Since so, as for a high-quality HP laptop computer, the standby time of HP g62 laptop battery is bound to be one of the most important factors users need to take care.

It is certainly that the laptop battery is of closest relationship to the laptop last time. As for the expensive laptop accessories, batteries have got their own important roles. Although it is not the key part to determine the laptop performance and running rate, the battery has really closely relevant in charging rate, output power, work performance, especially when the AC adapter is not plugged.

The battery activation by BIOS

Nowadays, laptop computers have become more and more popular in business or daily life. For both indoors or outdoors, we need a high-quality HP G62 laptop battery to support a whole conference or even business trip. Under this circumstance, users will realize the importance of battery standby time.
Actually, in most cases, the last time is not only determined by battery performance only.

As for a HP G62 laptop battery used for more than one year, the standby time will be shortened seriously while recharging and discharging can help the BIOS system to read the battery performance again. Sometimes, the BIOS have some mistakes in indicating to make the laptop shut down automatically. If so, users are able to use this simple step to activate the battery.

At present, there are three ways to activate and read the HP G62 laptop battery in BIOS by battery management system, manual correction and third-party software. As a matter of fact, among them, the second way is the most convenient way, the first way is only suitable to the old laptop versions and the last way is of some risks in compatibility, indicating, etc.

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