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Monday, June 18, 2012
When looking for a replacement laptop battery, the primary factor we need to consider of is certainly the compatibility that is much more important than other factors to a great extent. Even though other details have also got great influence on the actual performance, we need to ensure the compatibility rather other any others.

The compatibility is firstly related to the interface and the whole shape to fit to certain laptop model.
Normally, it is very easily for users to learn about the shape and size of the original and compatible versions by comparison. Of course, some details like connecting interface are hard to check very seriously by visual inspection. If so, users had better get more compatible information to have the final confirmation.

The output voltage and current of Apple Mac G4 battery need to be checked seriously before making the final decision.
Actually, the specifications of Apple laptop battery is the other factors we need to check to ensure the compatibility of certain battery. If the output voltage is the same as OEM specs, the output current should be the same or higher than the original value while we need to ensure if the actual output power is the same as the nominal value according to the test indicator.

The quality with warranty we need to check to learn more about the performance of compatible Mac G4 battery.
To ensure the quality of Apple Mac G4 battery, except for the factors listed as above, the warranty and after-sale service of the suppliers, merchants and manufacturers are also very important items for us to ensure if certain battery is correct in compatibility or not. Usually, 1 year warranty of the whole 12 months is the must we need to check before purchasing.

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