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Monday, May 28, 2012
Just as laptop internal memory and CPU, on no account can we work without a laptop battery. Therefore, we should take all efforts to have some improvements in the factors of these laptops for Gateway. But if your laptop is included in compatible laptop models, this Gateway nv59 battery is bound to be a great helper to you.

As a 6-cell lithium-ion laptop battery, it is necessary to pay attention to the output voltage and current to check if it has met the OEM standard in specifications and power energy capacity. After all, we should confirm if the battery is powerful enough to support all the needs of laptops.

Speaking of the output voltage, it is related to the laptop internal memory and chip performing rate and smooth frequency. Thereby, the 11.1V output voltage of Gateway nv59 battery is bound to be at that accurate value. Normally, 11.1V voltage is built by 3 cells in parallel.

Speaking of the output current, a 6-cell Gateway laptop battery should have another 3 cells that each two of them are in series. Therefore, 4400mAh is just the output current of this AS09A61 laptop replacement battery.

In most cases, this lithium-ion Gateway NV59 battery can last for about 2-3 hours just as original batteries perform. In the process, it is really a very smooth and completely good performance when playing on Gateway NV59, NV5602U NV5606U NV5610U NV5613U NV5614U and other compatible laptop series.

Of course, when the charger is plugged, the Gateway nv59 battery won’t supply or receive any power energy if it is full. That is to say, users don’t need to remove it if it is not in use. So conveniently and helpfully it is!

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