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Monday, May 14, 2012

There’s no denying that all the users can play well on their laptop computers when they are new to them. They will be told to charge the laptop for more than 12 hours or charge the battery for at least three times. However, are they all the correct way to deal with your laptop and battery? And if it is not a new computer but only replace the battery, what can we do to deal with it?

How to play with the brand new Apple A1185 Macbook battery on the new Apple laptop?

Users should avoid overcharging the lithium-ion batteries.

It is certainly that the batteries will also be damaged if they are always recharged when the all power energy is consumed and turned off automatically. After all, overcharging and deep discharging are both dangerous.

Not in use for more than two months is also dangerous to laptop battery.

If you have to keep it unused to go outside, there are also some ways to store the performance of this Apple laptop battery. Please remove the battery after cooling down and put it into a cool and dry box. So is the motherland computer. After storing, users had better recharge and discharge the battery system to activate the circuits and other parts inside.

Please try to save the power energy by turning off some unused programs and external devices.

After all, the Apple A1185 Macbook battery at present is still limited by cells. That is to say, we need to take fully use of the power energy inside of wasted by these unused programs. On the other hand, it can also help the battery to run more smoothly and keep in good work conditions.s

A suitable laptop AC adapter will also be good to a1185 Macbook battery in actual performance.

Some users consider that if laptop battery is used when charger is supplying power energy, they should remove the battery in time. Actually, nowadays, these accessories are smarter than we thought. Even so, they can adjust the running mode according to the work conditions while we can keep the a1185 Macbook battery in the laptop computer for a long time without consuming a lot of output power.

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