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Wednesday, April 25, 2012
Have you ever unsatisfied with your laptop in life time? If so, it is necessary to look for a replacement or backup battery for laptop computers to extend the standby time or solve some problems in regular work.

However, as for many Toshiba laptop models, not all the compatible Toshiba laptop batteries are suitable in specifications, control circuits, BIOS and other factors. In this regard, we need to have some confirmations before making the final decisions.

Is it possible to use the old Toshiba li ion battery to the new another Toshiba laptop model?

Users can check the compatible MPNs and laptop models lists. Normally, if your laptop battery part number is fit or model is included, it is all right to take use of this Toshiba battery in another computer. Of course, we don’t recommend users to install an old used battery to a new laptop, especially for those have been used for more than two years. After all, there are more internal resistances inside the Li-ion cells and other structure parts. You will find that it is not long enough in standby time and will make your laptop system run slower than enough.

How to check if certain Toshiba laptop computers can take advantage of the Toshiba Li ion battery? 

In addition to part number and laptop models, the specifications and interface are the other factors users can use to check the compatibility and real performance. That is to say, we need to learn about the old original Toshiba laptop battery in output voltage, current and input power. Among them, only the output voltage should be the same as OEM while the current can be higher. Although some higher capacity Toshiba Li ion batteries will be larger, they can be plugged in, fit and charge smoothly after testing and proved by many of our old customers.

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