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Friday, April 20, 2012

Usually, users consider that high-capacity laptop batteries are more expensive than regular standard versions. It is truth that they are higher in sales price and larger in size. But does it mean that it is actually more expensive with higher performance?

hp g60 battery,

According to cells, this higher capacity 12-cell HP G60 battery is cheaper.

It is certainly that we need to calculate not only the accurate laptop life time but the price and life time proportion. That is to say, if 6-cell battery is of $40, the 12-cell version should be $80. But our HP laptop battery is of only $63.99. Is it a very good price for such as high-capacity battery?

By battery hour, the 12-cell HP G60 battery is also a reasonable choice.

Except for cells quantity, 12-cell version is also reasonable as it has doubled life time but not high up to double price. Usually, a 12-cell HP G60 laptop battery can last for about 5-6 hours. Comparatively, 6-cell standard battery is of only 2-3 hours. 12 cell battery at USB phone World is only 63.99, it can last 5-6 hours; price is about $12 for each battery hour. 6 cell battery cost is about 44.99; it can last about 2-3 hours; price is about $22 for each battery hour.

In addition, the laptop running rate is also higher than regular versions that can save users much time in waiting. Although we are unable to save too much money limited by production cost, we are possible to improve the laptop running rate to complete more tasks by this 12-cell HP G60 battery.

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