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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

There are all sorts of laptop batteries for HP in the market, including original and compatible versions. Whether believe or not, we are possible to extend laptop life with a replacement or backup lithium-ion battery.

As a matter of fact, every laptop model has its own unique specification and internal structure. It makes the manufacturers have their own patents in the design of lithium-ion batteries. But as to life time, not all the original versions are able to meet the actual users’ requirements. For this reason, someone is looking for a suitable 12 cell long life battery for HP ev12.

hp ev12

Why HP 12-cell extended-life battery (ev12) can provide longer life time to laptop computers?

As is known to all, laptop has its own configure to determine the actual performance. Similarly, laptop batteries have their own specifications. This HP EV12 battery is rate at 10.8V and 8800mAh. Comparatively, standard original version is only of 4400mAh output current. That is why it has higher capacity and longer last time.

But how come does this HP laptop battery have 8800mAh inside?

To be sure, the output voltage of both is 10.8V, but the replacement has doubled the output current to extend laptop life. If observing seriously, users can figure out that 12 cells inside are of double cells quantity to standard versions.

In fact, each cell has the same volt and Amp value if it I produced by the same manufacturer. Of course, the industry has some regulations towards the cells standard. If connected in parallel, the voltage will increase. If connected in series, the current will increase as well. As for this 12-cell HP EV12 battery, it has two more cells for each series circuit, which has doubled the output current by twice.

Furthermore, as 6 more lithium-ion cells are installed inside, the laptop replacement HP battery is certainly larger than the standard original and compatible versions. If you mind, it will be another factor you need to consider when selecting a suitable HP EV12 battery replacement laptop battery.

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