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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

If you have accepted a mission to establish a new battery management system with design monitor system, you need to take advantage of some strategies to optimize the design cost and manufacturing ability. The initial issue about how to ensure the system primary internal structure and batter related electronics location. The final goal is about how to achieve the final communication and connection or system and lithium-ion battery.

Lithium-ion battery

The appearance of lithium-ion battery has great significance to power system internal structure. It is necessary to take use of large amount of batteries to be adapted to the completed battery pack or we can use some large sized batteries to limit its quantity and size. Maybe it is the most important part of circuit design as the innovative battery appearance is booming out with time goes by.

Another factor to consider of is about battery pack, battery management system and the final application interface, testing signal and remote connection. In most cases, it is likely to have a shell for these lithium-ion batteries to be connected with data collection circuits, which can reduce the nominal value of output voltage and wire quantity.

Under the damage situations, the output voltage of lithium-ion battery is usually below 200V. By this method, the maintenance man can get rid of dangers effectively. As for battery packs of large size, we need to apply with two types of data selection system to support 50 battery interfaces.

There’re also some other factors to influence on physical structure and monitor circuits. As to lithium-ion batteries, it is necessary to keep balance in order to avoid some extra heat problems. Meanwhile, if you need some power switch, the temperature monitor interface can supply a kind of voltage reading and power supply status to be connected with each other. In the process of design, the most common considering factor to be ignored is the leakage of electricity. Therefore, extra control circuits are important.

All is all, in battery management control circuits, we have great number of factors to consider, especially for determining pack limited factors. When the pack design minds are connected with each other, we need to consider of some possible mechanical effects. Once we have get balance between pack and internal structure, the solution for lithium-ion battery is born out.

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