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Monday, March 19, 2012

It is reported that desktop computer of larger hard disk is possible to be invented thanks to the new technology TB density produced by Seagate.

Taking advantage of heat-assisted magnetic recording technology, the company has reached the storage density of 1TB/Sq.In. Meanwhile, it has achieved perpendicular magnetic recording hard disk technology in theory and will be applied into practical experiment.

As a matter of fact, the hard disk capacity and rate are closely related to its storage density. That is why it is limited in technology to achieve in laptop computers. However, we should also consider of the surrounding work situations like pressure.

desktop computer, hard disk, 60T

Once HAMR technology has been commercialized, the current hard disk storage density will be improved from 620GB./Sq.In. to 1TB, which is really a historical leap. Equivalently, it is equal to 2.5 inch portable hard disk whose storage capacity has reached 2TB and 3.5 inch to be 6TB. At present, the average hard disk capacity is about 750GB and that of desktop computer is about 3TB.

In theory, the maximum storage density can reach about 5-10TB just as 60TB in storage hard disk capacity according to the technology HAMR.

The medias have consumed a lot of data in applications, including social media, search engine, cloud calculation, etc. All these have higher and higher requirements in storage ability. These innovative HAMR hard disk technologies will improve the development of current desktop computer in many aspects, which can help businessmen, enterprises and personal consumers to manage their work more conveniently.

This technology has taken use of heat storage media to achieve such a powerful disk for desktop computer by TeraStor and Quinta. Of course, as for commercialization, it still needs a long way to go while the HAMR will be applied to the public till about 2015.

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