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Sunday, March 4, 2012
How to take different photos within 3 minutes during fast-paced travelling? When I am willing to take photos, the first step is to reduce exposure compensation which can help you to get back some light details. T he clouds in the sky and the image reflected becomes clearer and having more layers .It makes the color sharper. Of course, you can also try to use gray gradient filter to find the arrangement of sky.

It is necessary to save the battery power during your travel. At first, you have to try your best to avoid the unnecessary zoon operation. We advise you to move your camera to get the same zoon effects if you really need zoon.

The second way is avoiding using flash frequently. You had better not take flash as flash usually consumes lots of power. Meanwhile, using viewfinder is better than liquid crystal display when you adjusting the image.

LCD also costs high power so you had better not take it so frequently because normal photography could be operated by viewfinder. Actually most of the digital camera alkaline batteries will be open for LCD that consume more power, will close it can make a battery spare time growth two or three times.

Of course we should not abandon LCD as it is very important part when you take close photography. Finally please keep your camera close when you do not take photos.
At last, taking an extra full-charged battery should be the most necessary tool.


by: USB Phone World