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Thursday, February 16, 2012

As for most of iPhone users, the phone standby time is always a primary problem to users while they are bored about it and don’t want to figure out some methods to extend the last time. Actually, as long as you have acknowledged these simple tips by details, the whole thing can be solved very easily.

iphone 4s

1. You’d better not charge iPhone 4/4s by laptop computer USB interface. In fact, it cannot be fully charged in this way while it will come to be creepaged just as many consumer electronic products do. Therefore, we recommend users to charge by battery bay and wall socket, which is also very good to computers.

2. Please try not to install software in deb that can reduce duplicate applications, especially for backgrounder and sbs. These high-consumed applications are harmful to batteries.

3. Please fall into a habit to close those unused programs in iPhone 4/4s.

4. Clear the software in iPhone each about 2 weeks, especially for those you haven’t every used. You can reinstall once you need to use it.

5. Close Safari and webpage before press home. Otherwise, it will occupy a large space in memory.

6. Batteries can be charged in any time at any place while we can insist to charge and discharge by a cycle to activate. Please use up all the power energy inside until it is shut down automatically.

7. Please try not to use some third-party charger and battery for iPhone if it is permitted by Apple. While some appearance optimization programs and tools inside are all of high consumption. So is flashing the phone.

Other tips about relevant to closing Wifi, 3G, and other external functions. All of these details can help users to optimize iPhone 4/4s performance and save more power energy to expand the lifespan and standby time effectively.

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by: USB Phone World