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Sunday, January 29, 2012

An intense discussion is around iPad3 that the screen will be better and be compatible to more external devices and internal programs. It is certainly that laptop LCD screen will be paid more attentions by the whole industry thanks to the success of Apple. Up till now, no one can beat iPhone, iPad and Macbook well in this part.

If so, the power supply will be urgently be updated if some other laptops are going to get more market share under the current situations. It should be of higher output power, wider compatibility, reasonable work temperature, light size, good contact, appearance, interface and so on.

laptop lcd screen

Normally, an upgraded laptop screen is in need of an updated power supply in both charger and battery. In terms of charger, it is easy to handle as long as it can fit and keep connecting with laptop interface and socket or outlet smoothly. In terms of battery, it seems to be more complex, which is relevant to battery capacity, output voltage, electric current, size, shape, color, protection circuits, stability and other characteristics.

Just as iPhone 4s, although it is welcomed over the whole world with the new released phone system, new siri personal audio assistant, and larger internal memory, it is limited by standby time thanks to the lithium-ion batteries. Of course, it doesn’t mean that the battery for iPhone 4s is weaker than before, but the consumption of new system and upgraded phone screen is much higher than old version and many other cell phones in the market.

For this reason, if we can expand the battery capacity and improve the actual performance of power supply, we can win more customers when our laptop screens are better and better. And these new laptop system, motherboard and internal memory need more power energy to work smoothly and normally. Otherwise, it will run into poor contact, slow running and weaker performance. And it turns to the laptop power supplies to step up to the plate.

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