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Thursday, January 12, 2012

As to universal and compatible laptop charger, there has been filled with many sorts of options and discussions in the market in functions and some other aspects. Under this circumstance, we need to compare the real performance and check if they can fit our actual work perfectly in some basic and advanced factors.

universal charger

These days, Acharger has released their new products in USA market about 2012 after-sale service and their new marketing strategies in B2C personal users and B2B enterprises to occupy more market share in laptop chargers, especially in universal adapters.

According to the conditions of our store, the certain compatible laptop chargers are more welcomed by certain laptop users whose computers can be Dell, HP, Lenovo, IBM, Sony, Apple, Acer, Asus and so on. As these AC adapters are specialized designed for certain laptop models and interface, they can fit these laptops well with certain output voltage, electric current, connector tip, power cord prong and other characteristics.

Comparatively, universal laptop chargers don’t have these unique parts inside and outside that can be compatible to many notebook computers with good performance. After all, they need to meet all sorts of requirements of these diverse systems, screens, motherboard, CPU and so on.

As to the replacement chargers, they have nearly 1 year warranty for free to users to supply suitable after-sale service. Acharger has also released their new after-sale policy about warranty for customers to have some maintenance in using these devices and can get some additional technique and relevant service from the warranty.

Actually, this new policy has great significance and impacts to users in the industry in actual work. Whether it is true or not, we think we can figure out the value of the brand that they have thought a lot about our terminal users to produce more profits for them. Even Acharger may not get such powerful succeed in the end, they have brought us a lot in the process of work in product researches, design, after-sale service and so on.

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