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Monday, January 9, 2012

The birth of laptop batteries which are an important constituent part for laptop computers has for the first time aroused the attention of mobile office groups. With the rapid development of laptop computers and electronic products technologies, more and more people are making higher demands of batteries’ stability, service time, volume, and charging times, and batteries technologies are beginning to follow closely the demands of the market. The past few years have witnessed human beings’ making of many relevant improvements and developments in the field of laptop batteries technologies.

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The refinement of batteries’ selected materials stems chiefly from consideration of their costs and safety for employment, reduction of their volumes, extension of their service time, increase of their use times, and decrease of the negative impact of their memory effect. Take for instance the materials of the positive pole of lithium batteries which can now be divided into lithium cobalt oxide, Nickel cobalt oxide, Limn cobalt oxide, and several other chemical raw materials. Technically speaking, current laptop batteries are adoptive of lithium cobalt oxide. Subsequent years are to see the emergence of batteries of Nickel materials of higher technical level in the battery market, for the purpose of promotion of products’ energy storage quantity. Due however to the limitation of the impact of positive pole materials on batteries’ own properties, it has been estimated by experts that by the year 2020, the volume energy density of lithium batteries will run up to 400wh/1, and that in the mean time, the minimum thickness of a single battery will be made between 4 to 5mm, which will leave very little room for the development of its properties.

The development, wholly speaking, of a new replacement lithium battery is extremely urgent, and manufacturers of professional laptop batteries are taking an active part in the selection of raw materials as well as in the job of research and development. Among the new materials that can take the place of lithium batteries is a metal lithium charge battery which is gaining much public attention. This metal lithium charge battery belongs to the new type of charge battery whose negative pole materials are directly adoptive of the metal lithium, and its biggest characteristic consists remarkably in a complete demonstration of the battery reaction of its negative pole metal materials which empowers the energy storage quantity of the new type of batteries to reach two times that of traditional lithium batteries; in addition, the discharge capacity of the new type of batteries can amount to ten times that of traditional products. The Lenovo laptop computers company has been paying close attention to the development of laptop batteries of high effect, and while investing a great deal of money in an independent research on the performance of these batteries, keeps in close touch with professional manufacturers of such laptop batteries, with a decided view to striving for a provision of Chinese users with the latest economical batteries technologies of high effect.

Air Zn laptop battery is also one of the best batteries in place of the lithium cobalt oxide new materials, and its negative pole adopts Zn of high properties. Contemporarily, there are still some problems inherent in the free charge of air Zn laptop batteries, but many batteries manufacturers are striving to grope for good solutions. A mature product of a Zn battery will, it is believed, show up in the market pretty soon. It can also be inferred that in the not too distant future, no matter whether it will be the laptop batteries manufacturers or general users who are facing more choices of batteries of higher effect and better applications, the birth of more laptop batteries adoptive of new technologies and new materials will have a revolutionary effect on the subsequent laptop battery market.

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