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Friday, December 30, 2011

Have you ever figured out that when taking pictures, the power energy capacity has become a big problem in actual work while we usually need to take another backup to solve the problem? But now we have an adventurous idea about the camera suspender that it can be a solar digital camera battery to supply continuously enough power energy.

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As to most of shutterbugs, it will indicate that the camera is lack of power energy as they are interested many sceneries and items when taking pictures. It is really so sad that we have good shooting angle and powerful passions but not enough power energy.

Speaking of the camera suspender, shutterbugs are very familiar to this part of digital camera when taking it out to work or play. But most of us haven’t thought that it can be the resource of power to be a digital camera battery that will solve the problem of limited standby time.

The researchers and scientists of solar industry have realized it in experiment to make the camera suspender to be a solar battery for single lens reflexSLR. If it is released in the market, more and more users will get rid of backup battery or limited last time but internal memory only.

Compared to the normal suspender, they don’t have the functions to supply power energy while it is only a part to connect the user and digital camera. Taking advantage of solar power energy, this belt can provide continuous power to camera even in the field or other outside places. At the same time, as long as the sun is there, it won’t be lack of power energy. However, according to the current technologies, this kind of camera suspender can only be used in single lens reflexSLR of low consumption.

Up till now, this solar digital camera battery is only in the process of idea with long way to go to get into the real market. Even so, this kind of camera suspender has great significances to photographers and shutterbugs to solve their problems effectively.

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