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Monday, December 26, 2011

As a matter of fact, laptop battery explosion is a very sensitive but important topic in the industry. Especially for lithium-ion versions, insiders are wondering how to make it more security and figuring out the root cause. It is reported that computer virus is likely to the reason for laptop batteries to explode.

As to most of business laptops, there will be some specialized hardware and software to keep the laptop computers more steadily and securely. Especially for some unique security design in some software, these internal structures can prevent the computer virus from infringement.

computer virus

However, recently, it is said that a kind of computer virus, called Blueyes, has been checked out by Kasporsky that can be widely spread rapidly to destroy the internal data of laptop computers while it is also possible to burn the laptop batteries and even explosion.

Blueyes computer virus is a regular element without any harmful influence on common software and hardware. As is wrapped up as feedback packets, they can transfer data from each other through TP/IP network interactive mode. Without any offensive capacity, most of firewall and antivirus programs are unable to figure it out.

Even so, as to laptop users, blueyes computer virus is really very dangerous. After fully charging the laptop batteries, a signal will be sent out from AC adapter by software to indicate that it is fully charged and entered into Float filling mode. At that moment, blueyes will be activated by this signal and make the laptop batteries to be overloading in a short time. In some cases, this kind of computer virus can destroy the whole battery or even lead to explosion.

At present, these accidents of laptop batteries explosion have already occurred in Russia and some nations in Europe. Last month, in a bank of Holland, the laptop batteries come into spontaneous combustion even if the computer is still in standby mode in the office.

Although the antivirus programs cannot deal with this computer virus successfully, we have some ways to prevent from damaging. Please avoid charging laptop batteries in the boot state. Please try to avoid using external power supply if possible. And please try to avoid completely fully charging the batteries in any cases while it is also good to laptop accessories.

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