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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Although iPhone is very popular in the market, especially for the new iPhone 4s, it is complaint by users that the standby time is not long enough. It is evidently that with the screen upgraded, it has higher and higher requirements on lithium-ion batteries and external power supply that are necessary to be with enough output power to remain last time and running speed.

It is reported by Apple that the new Macbook Pro laptops will apply with new updated Retina screen with resolving capability of about 2880*1800. With the configuration of notebook improving, many other laptop accessories are also updated to meet the higher requirements. Similarly, Toshiba and Sony have also released their new laptop versions with amazing screens, such as nakedness-eye stereoscopic LCD. Although it can bring users more additional functions and attractive effects, the development of technologies on battery and charger cannot reach certain level in many aspects.

laptop with enough power energy

There’s no denying that laptop power and batteries should match the motherboard device with powerful internal structure to supply enough power energy to help the system to be with high running speed. However, according to the current industry situations, external power supply still cannot complete these additional tasks well enough.

Under this circumstance, if we are able to develop some new technologies to improve the electrochemical properties of laptop power supply effectively, all these additional functions and new laptop effects will perform better than before.

Otherwise, even if the screen can be more clearly with better sense of reality, we are unable to realize all the functions of high performance fully even if we have tested strictly in the factory and laboratory. That is to say, compatibility and cooperation of all the laptop accessories are more important than a sole powerful function or part.

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