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Monday, December 5, 2011

How happy we are to welcome the approaching Christmas and sharing some gifts with our customers! It is an exciting moment when all of us are thinking about how the wonderful celebration is to take place. It is a time when all of you should be considering buying something for yourselves or your friends as a brilliant Christmas gift.

Christmas greeting promotion from usb phone world

USB Phone World Christmas Greetings Promotion:

1. Purchase of Below $50, 5% OFF Coupon code: CMG201105

2. Purchase of $50-$100, 15% OFF Coupon code: CMG201115

3. Purchase of Over $100, 20% OFF Coupon code: CMG201120

Free shipping is available to the order of over $50

Dec. 1st – Dec. 15th, 2011

(Christmas Greetings Hotline: 1-800-631-8153)

As one of the leading laptop batteries limited companies across the world, the USB Phone World, headquartered in Arizona of the USA, and with several offices in other areas, is devoted chiefly to the online selling of laptop batteries, and has for years been doing well in this service with many fellow companies. Over the years the company has been cooperating with other companies on business development and expansion.

We have realized that only by cooperating with other companies are we able to continue our business operation, for they who, in a way, can be our most reliable customers to purchase our products often confide to us much useful information that we seem unable to obtain by ourselves. Since our business service features online selling of laptop batteries, we aim to diversify our products in kind, so that customers will have a wider range of choices to make among different kinds of laptop batteries.

Yet we are fully aware of the necessary dependence of the success of our diversification of our products on market expansion to more places or sites, which frequently has to be assisted by our business partners. And therefore collaboration with other fellow companies on mutual business operation can serve to help spread the more aggregate business risks and burden over a variety of sale markets than if we continue our choice to march forward ourselves. We know well the more customers we have at hand, the more business opportunities we will earn of stabilization of our business status. With the high aggressiveness of the market environment however, the company is looking for new partners to work with.

One of the essential characteristics of the business operation of our company is the staging of promotional activities of online selling of all kinds of laptop batteries especially during holidays. For the past few years, we have felt, as a matter of fact, that there seemed to be always less kinds of laptop batteries than we were able to show clients, which closed the door to our products arresting a great deal of attention of our clients. But we have made it a rule to use our holding of engaging promotional activities where we make beautiful advertisements, offer customers 30-day money back policy, and accord clients special prices with discounts for our laptop batteries, as a means of enhancement of our company’s profitability.

Our great success in our promotional activities leads us to draw the conclusion that the more activities we preside over on holidays, the more attention we are likely to get from customers who, mainly from Europe and America, usually enjoy purchasing our products in quantity. The recent years have seen us able to show customers more kinds of laptop batteries than ever, so we decide to inject promotional activities into the coming Christmas.

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