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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Solar batteries have experienced great developments, however, they have been confronted with great challenges recently. Especially in the industry of PC, lithium-ion batteries have supplied the largest market share at present, which has given solar batteries great threats as well.

It is known to all that lithium-ion batteries have got great revolutions in last time and other performance according to the industrial report. That is to say, after having used such limited laptop batteries for a long period, it is time for us to get a much more powerful laptop battery from now on.

lithium-ion battery, solar battery

The merits and demerits of solar battery and lithium-ion battery

Comparatively, solar batteries are not popular in the market thanks to all sorts of reasons, including high production cost, high technologies, user requirements, and so on. Lithium-ion batteries, as the main power supply products, have supplied the most market share come down to laptops, digital camera, cell phone, etc.

It is certainly that solar batteries are convenient in use as it can be carried out and being charged and discharged very easily. Furthermore, the power energy can be stored much more and these solar versions can be compatible to many laptop models that are regarded as universal batteries in some cases.

If the lithium-ion batteries have been improved in performance, it means the merits of solar batteries in power capacity have been substituted to some extent. If solar ones cannot get some other powerful merits in portability, compatibility and other aspects, it is very likely to be replaced by lithium-ion batteries in the near future.

Evidently, since Ni-cd and Ni-mh batteries have been marginalized, Li-ion batteries have won great market share for many years while they are possible to be the king of laptop power supply industry for another many years according to the current technologies and market situations.

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