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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Have you got the habits that charge your cell phone, digital camera, iPad or other electronic products through laptop computer? It is obviously that most of users have ever charged their products in that way before while they seem to be not easy to operate but the lithium-ion batteries come to be smaller and smaller in internal capacity.

As far as output power is concerned, both laptop AC adapter and battery have got their own nominal values in output power, voltage and current. That is to say, even if the consumption rate has increased, the output power of laptop computer won’t be changed to be higher thanks to the limitation of capacity.

laptop computer

For instance, a standard 6-cell lithium-ion laptop battery is rated at 10.8V and 4400mAh. In most cases, it can serve all the laptop accessories well under normal work situations. However, with more electronic products are installed and plugged, running rate has to be divided into more parts while the actual output voltage and current is reduced in each part.

As is known to all the insiders, long-term overtime work is dangerous to all the laptop computers, lithium-ion batteries and chargers by overheating, overloading and overcharging.

After all, we cannot get direct pure output power energy from laptop system as it is a complicated electronic product. If we charge our tablet computer, cell phone and other external devices on the computer every day, the lifespan is likely to be shortened by a half.

On the other hand, when the output power is separated by more programs and devices, the running rate of motherboard and internal memory will be lower and lower. To be worse, if the internal resistances of lithium-ion battery and charger are increasing, the conditions will be more dangerous so that the laptop computer is hard to support well with these devices and even internal parts and serve with enough power energy.

If you have to do like that, we recommend you to keep all the programs off or enter into sleep mode, which is of less dangerous. It is certainly that the best way is to charge these electronic products by compatible laptop chargers. If you need some compatible or original chargers for laptop, lithium-ion batteries for laptop or digital cameras, please feel free to contact with our servicemen.

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