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Sunday, October 30, 2011

More and more users come to realize the important role of laptop battery capacity that is not only related to standby time but shelf life and other performance as well. For this reason, the researchers have worked hard to get more improvements in this part.

laptop battery, lack of power energy

Usually, the more power energy discharged, the more seriously lithium-ion laptop battery is consumed. That is why some users who have fully charged and discharged the batteries figured out they come to be weaker and weaker with time goes by. According to the professional professors of electronic engineering, the most reasonable work situations for lithium-ion laptop battery are the intermediate states that can extend the battery shelf life.

If you need to keep the external charger with your laptop, please adjust the power options of the system. According to the properties of laptop batteries, it is suitable to charge it to be about 80% or less and discharge to be about 20% or more. It can also help users to get the suitable work temperature in the usual work.

As to some other small consumer electronics, please take time to remove after they are fully charged. Otherwise, it will consume more power energy and reduce the running rate. If they have also applied the lithium-ion batteries, you just need to fully charge it if you have time instead of being used up.

If you are about to have a long-term trip, it is all right for users to fully charge the lithium-ion laptop battery. Under this circumstance, please recharge it if the external power supply, outlet is available or you have time. In addition, laptop systems have some modes, such as Windows 7, XP and so on.

Temperature and external work conditions are the other factors to influence on the battery performance. The value below freezing point is likely to destroy the internal structure and too high value will reduce the capacity to a great extent.

At present, many people have owned their consumer electronics while a great part of them are lithium-ion laptop batteries. It is also friendly to the environment if you need to recycle the dead batteries. Therefore, it can save you cost in replacing and recycling if you can extend the laptop battery shelf life and maximum capacity effectively.

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