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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

These days, many insiders of this industry are discussing about Li-ion batteries over capacity. To be sure, with the requirements increased by hybrid vehicles, it seems that we need more in the volume of production. Even so, the current situation is that Li-ion batteries are working towards over capacity while more and more manufacturers come to the PV market from now on.

solar laptop battery

Since last year, the whole industry has paid great attention li-ion batteries for laptop and hybrid vehicles, which has improve the production volume rapidly. At the same time, the share price in stock is also increasing with time goes by. Great market space has attracted many enterprises to take part in this industry.

Unfortunately, the actual demands are not increasing so rapidly as we expected while it has become the burdens for li-ion batteries to be over capacity. Under this circumstance, the only measure is to reduce the sales price. Comparatively, not many manufacturers have realized the significance of technologies development and tendency in the future.

Even so, the whole industry of Li-ion batteries is still at elementary developing stage. From electrolyte, anode, cathode, thin film and power management parts, all the steps have high requirements and increasing updated techniques.

Under this circumstance, it is also reported that some primary manufacturers have transferred to PV market that are supposed to produce solar laptop batteries and vehicle batteries. At present, the PV market is filled with polycrystalline silicon and solar accessories with lower production cost thanks to over capacity. The largest polysilicon manufacturer Wacker in Germany is expected to have production volume of 23.9Mtpa at the end of this year.

Even so, I think the PV industry is nor so mature while it is at a high risk to integrate the design and manufacturing ability in all these devices. It is certainly that if you have optimistic attitude, it is really a good opportunity to take part in this industry currently as the production cost can be controlled well. Other than laptop batteries, many countries are going to take use of solar power energy in all walks of life. At that moment, the overall situation will be raised and the sales price of PV products and accessories will also be higher and higher, which may bring more pressures to Li-ion batteries if they are still over capacity.

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