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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Since HP is suffering from the troubles of fierce competition, especially in tablet computer and smart phone, the position of HP in the PC industry has already become popular topic to us. However, recently, it is also released that HP is going to come back to HP industry to continue their leading position in the market.

hp pavilion laptop computer

Such news has helped HP to increase in share price by more than 40%. It seems that HP comes to be more cautious than before in making decisions. As a matter of fact, the whole PC industry is still in the process of development with enough profits and PC computers are still the primary devices users select at present. Especially nowadays, most of large or small business customers still prefer to a completed set of solutions that can improve the competition ability to a great extent.

In addition, Lenovo, another tycoon in the PC industry, has released that they are going to beat HP after surpassing Dell in sales and production volume. According to the report, the difference is only about 4.2% to 4.4%. However, such a decision from HP will also make the difference larger and larger.

lenovo laptop computer

Anyway, as to the sharp developing of Lenovo, some insiders told us that the reasons for Lenovo to develop so rapidly is related the competitors’ policy adjustment more than the business revolution themselves. Such a change has also supplied Lenovo a large space of creative development and opportunities.

It is very likely that if HP has given up their PC department, it will be a very good chance to Lenovo to dominate the whole market in sales structure. It is also said that the PC industry has developed rapidly and will be an area filled with cost competitiveness. Currently, the cost of all aspects for Lenovo is lower than HP while the good reputation has also helped Lenovo to win the hearts of users fully in the near future. It is still unknown what will HP has in the PC industry.

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