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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Since the sales volume of laptop computers has increased with time goes by, the quantity of laptop AC adapter and replacement is also increasing in the market. In most cases, users are pursuing for high cost performance, small size and low weight while the price should be reasonable.

As to the designers, it is necessary to select a suitable controller to develop the technology of high-efficiency adapter with abundant integrated protection characteristics and light size.

According to the usage conditions of most users, laptop computers will be in the process of light load and standby status. Compared to the conditions with load of 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%, it is more challenged to reduce the consumption and improve the work efficiency when the load is low or under standby status, which requires the power controller to be with perfect light load and standby power energy consumption performance.

laptop ac adapter

In addition, laptop AC adapter is also supposed to be with the following protection characteristics, including short-circuit protection(SCP), over-voltage protection(OVP), over-temperature protection(OTP) and over-power protection(OPP). The AC adapter should have the ability to endure the output power transmitting circuit that can get rid of damages by SCP. Under the conditions when loop circuit is broken, the adapter has to stop working and restart again by OVP. If the adapter work temperature is over a certain value, it is likely to be at high risk. To avoid this condition, we should have got thermal sensor to indicate the work temperature and the whole device will be close until the temperature has reached a normal range by OTP. As to some laptop power chargers, the most dangerous condition is of too large output current and possible to be short-circuited. Under this circumstance, OPP is necessary to control the whole situation well.

Therefore, a new replacement laptop AC adapter should be with the characteristics of high density in terms of OPP, OTP, TSOP6, OVP and so on. At the same time, we should take use of the new technology to reduce the consumption and improve the work efficiency and other performance to a great extent that can also optimize the work situations of laptop and netbook computers.

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