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Sunday, September 25, 2011

At present, more and more come to purchase their laptop computers. It is certainly that such a consumer electronic product has already occupied a great part of life and business work. However, no matter what the configuration is, it is really hard to get rid of damages in the process of use. Recently, a customer has told us about his experience of repairing the laptop computer by himself.

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What will you deal of your laptop if it has come across something wrong? Will you go to the maintenance center, leave it behind or repair by yourself? And it is also a problem for users to find a right place to repair. Actually, there’s no need for us to be troubled by laptop computer damages. If it is still under warranty, we recommend users to go for the official maintenance center to repair it.

Recently, we have received an e-mail from an old customer. He said that he had successfully saved his broken laptop LCD screen. As a matter of fact, such a problem has occurred to many other customers before. Some of them have ever asked about the right place to repair it while others are confused if they need to do some processing to those little damages.

As to that customer, after checking by highlight, it seems that the LCD screen has been broken into three parts. Although it seems to be normal by the appearance, the internal structure has already come across something wrong.

After that, he has gone to get screwdriver and tweezer to remove the laptop screen. As to this step, we recommend users to operate with gloves. After all, it can get you rid of the troubles like static electricity. After unscrew the screw, the screen shell can be removed very easily by hand.

Then users can see the whole LCD screen at that moment. As to this step, we also recommend users to twist the screw and remove the screen carefully to avoid any mistakes happened to screen line and camera line. At this time, go for a nipper to unplug the flat cable and then the LCD screen can be departed away from the motherland smoothly. At last, we need to take the new laptop screen and install it carefully according to the steps as above.

In my point of view, such a process of maintenance seems to be simple but will come across many problems if you are not familiar to the internal structure or not so good at repairing and replacing. Therefore, contact with us or go to the official maintenance centers to deal with your damaged laptop computer if you need any help.

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