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Monday, September 19, 2011

It is nearly a month after HP had declared to give up their PC division. When everyone in this industry comes to worry about it, Dell has finally made the decision to take such a great market share from HP.

dell ceo, michael dell

Today, Michael Dell, the CEO of Dell, has announced in the Cloud force conference of 2011 that they will try their best to develop in PC industry while they are also facing with the challenge of tablet computer and cloud computing technologies. It seems that the personal business area is still with great development space and profits although more and more manufacturers come to these new areas.

As the largest PC supplier in the world, many people are so sad to hear that HP is going to leave the PC market while it has provided Dell a good opportunity to win a larger market share in PC industry. Micheal said that they were still hard to control the current situation of this industry.

As a matter of fact, the strategy of Dell is definitely different to HP in many aspects. Micheal also told us that they had supplied many sorts of solutions to their customers more than selling hardware only. The whole industry is composed by hardware, software and service. It is obviously that the software is in the process of fast developing. However, it depends on the support of hardware to complete all these new programs and functions. That is to say, although we will come to get more values from software, it is impossible for all of us to give up or ignore the hardware.

The status in quo is that the PC computer market share seems to be reduced compared to last year and the year before last year. The decision of HP has shown us clearly about such a current state. Even so, the space for development is still large and we have got some effective ways to improve and to be more efficiently. According to the data from Gartner, till 2014, the volume of customers will reach about 2 billion.

As to many insiders, they consider that the business of software and cloud computing has owned greater profit ratio than PC, smart phone and tablet computers. Whether it is true or not, it is evidently that no one can ignore the influence of PC desktop and laptop computers, especially for those who need to develop more rapidly in computing system. Therefore, I am firmly convinced that Dell has made a correct decision in PC industry.

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