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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Speaking of the advantages of laptop computer, many users will consider of the portability. To be sure, the funs we get from laptops are usually come from the portability. Wherever we are, we can connect to the Internet, communicate with our friends and play with more interesting games by such a consumer electronic. However, have you ever thought about the key point of laptop computer? In my point of view, a qualified laptop battery is just the one that can bring users more standby time.

laptop battery

Among all the parts of laptop, batteries don’t rank high. Even so, it doesn’t mean that it hasn’t played an important role. Just as the supporting role in a movie, although it seems to be pain, the importance will stand out at a crucial time. It is directly related for notebook to lack of DC power that if a battery has got a good work situation. Actually, proper maintenance ways have become the key points to increase the battery standby time even if we haven’t expanded its capacity.

From the common laptop batteries point of view, most of them are lithium-ions while they can be recharged for many times. The lithium-ions move between anode and cathode in the process of work. In the process of recharging and discharging, Li+ arrives and departs between the electrodes. Generally speaking, the materials with lithium are regarded as the electrode.

The reason why lithium-ion laptop battery has substituted Ni-mh and Ni-cd ones is not only relevant to the memory effect but the recharging cycles as well. However, it will still reduce the shelf life of batteries if users have got improper operations. According to the current test result, usually, a laptop battery can be recharged and discharged for about 1000 times.

Then, what kind of influencing factors has influenced on the laptop battery lifespan? As the current market conditions for example, the design concept and configure have both got very high requirements. But too high configuration is also dangerous to users in regular work. In addition, some useless external device switches will also reduce the lifespan. The last factor comes to be the work temperature and the electrochemical properties will be reduced to some extent if it comes to be overheating.

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