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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Nowadays, the development of cell phone, tablet and laptop computer is faster and faster so that the new laptop system and updated versions come to be out of our imagination. Accompanied by such a development tendency, the IT industry is in a rapid development stage. However, batteries are hard to catch up with this pace of laptop and cell phones.

Batteries, technologies, fundamental chemistry

As is exemplified as iPhone, someone has made fun of Steve Jobs that he is so powerful that a cell phone that cannot last for more than one day is very popular in the whole world. In fact, the applications and iOS system have developed in a high speed while many more users come to rely on iPhone. However, it is really a big problem to Apple even more seriously than the updates of internal memory and chip.

What has blocked the evolution of cell phone, tablet and laptop battery?

laptop battery

To be sure, lithium-ion batteries are by no means the parts of IT technology while they have distinct work principle and manufacturing skills to other parts and hardware. Actually, the laptop battery has more relationship to basic chemistry technologies. Especially for lithium-ion cells, electrode and electrolyte structure and materials are unable to be optimized so fast as the computer chips and internal memory do.

Although some new nanotechnologies have been taken into application, it seems that the charging and work efficiency has only been improved in a limited range while we have to increase the production cost in a large range.

Under this circumstance, the regular reaction of laptop and cell phone manufacturer used to reduce the consumption of new chip and other additional functions. After all, if the laptop battery cannot last long enough, it is hard for these applications and hardware to perform well.

Anyway, compared to high configuration and improving charging efficiency, the most important factor for lithium-ion batteries has come down to the security and other basic features. Otherwise, hidden troubles will bring us more potential dangers.

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