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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Have you ever complained about charging for your iPhone every single day? Recently, some domestic researchers have invented a new equipment that can charge cell phone, MP3, laptop computer and other consumer electronics by walking. That is to say, users don’t need to spend more time on charging any more.

A few days ago, two professors in the University of Wisconsin has released a report about this walking charging device and its details.

human kinetic energy, charging

As a matter of fact, such an idea doesn’t appear to us for the first time. But in reality, they seem to be inefficient in operation and lack of enough power energy. Comparatively, these two professors have created a new energy collection technology, reverse electrowetting that can improve the performance in a great range. By the advantage of voltage, electrowetting can change the appearance of droplets on the surface while they can also take use of this work principle to convert the power energy into electric energy.

This new charger is similar to a layer of the insole. After putting them into shoes, users can walk and charge the cell phone and laptop computer with enough power energy momentarily.

shoes charger, usb interface

However, how to solve the problems of power cable and interface? In the past, someone has put forward that it is necessary to get a USB interface and cable to connect with shoes. Evidently, it will be not so convenient in reality. For this reason, two professors have turned to wireless sensor to connect with power generation assembly and charge normally. They are now negotiating with some suppliers and shoemaking enterprise to establish an enterprise and make this technology commercialized as soon as possible.

People are always hoping to charge the laptop computer, cell phone and other consumer electronics at any place and any time. Although we have sockets and outlets in most of places, it is evidently that walking charging is one of the most convenient ways to us. Of course, we are also worrying about the real security, stability and if it can supply enough power energy in voltage, wattage and current.

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