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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

-- After Google Has Purchased Moto

Since Google has purchased Moto, all kinds of comments have filled the whole industry these days. About the future development of Android, cell phone and tablet computer, people are discussing and making a guess at the next champion. At this moment, it reminds me of a prediction that Google is supposed to be the largest competitor to Microsoft. Will it become the reality?

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Speaking of Apple, we can see it obviously that its market value has surpassed Microsoft and Google to be the industry giant. Even so, the Google purchasing news has just made people to be doubt about the Apple future.

By the appearance, Microsoft and Apple are both software companies while the actual threaten from Apple is not so powerful. The primary reason is regarded to the Apple closed policy. As is known to all, the main business of Microsoft is its operating platform. Comparatively, the MAC OS is only compatible to Apple PC computers. In addition, the Microsoft system has occupied many other fields like bank ATM and servers.

Under this circumstance, Google is likely to surpass Microsoft according to the recent development tendency.

In hardware, Microsoft has popular XBOX 360, external devices, cell phone and so on. In software, the Windows system, IE browser, hotmail and others have all got a very large market share. Even in search engine, the Bing has come to be popularized by more and more users. It is obviously that the business field is very similar to Google.

The most well-known business of Google is bound to the Google search engine while no one can exceed it at present. In addition, Google has also got its own PC platform, Android system, e-mail, Chrome OS, browser, tablet computer, cell phone and some other products. Especially after purchasing Moto, the advantages of cell phone and system have become more and more important. Nowadays, the Android system has not only occupied the industry of smart phones but also tablet computers and FPTV.

Although Apple may not be the largest threaten to Microsoft, we can see from the success of Apple that the innovation and user experience are bound to be the most important factor to determine the champion. Google, Apple or Microsoft, anything is possible.

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