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Thursday, August 11, 2011

How long have you used your current lithium-ion batteries? Are you going to learn about the maximum lifespan? Actually, lithium-ion battery is different from each other in lifespan based on all kinds of factors.

Recently, the NASA electronic engineering professor Tom Hartley said that the more you have discharged the lithium-ion battery, the greater loss there will be. So is full charging. The best way is to charge the battery within a certain range. Therefore, the batteries can reach to maximum lifespan.

lithium-ion batteries, lifespan

First of all, either too high or too low battery charge status is harmful to the lithium-ion batteries. Comparatively, even the recharging cycles don’t have such a great influence. As a matter of fact, a great number of consumer electronics have indicated the recharging cycles of lithium-ion battery inside and nearly 80 percent is based on the nominal values and tests.

However, as to some laptop batteries, if the actual voltage is over the nominal output voltage to be more than 0.1 volt, the lifespan is likely to be reduced by half. The rest can be done in the same manner. In addition, if the battery is in the state of low or lack of power energy, the internal resistances will be larger and larger so that the capacity is reduced to a great extent.

The result is that the consumption of Hubble Space Telescope is controlled by 10 percent. Thereby, the recharging cycles can reach 10 million, including both charging and discharging.

Temperature is another factor that has great influence on lithium-ion battery life. Except for cell phone and other small consumer electronics, other electronic products must be influenced seriously. The situations below freezing point are able to burn the device instantly while overheating will also shorten the battery capacity. Therefore, even if the battery installed inside the laptop is not in the process of charging, the high temperature will reduce the lifespan evidently. And the lithium-ion batteries that are always at the state of 100% charged, it will be dead in a short period.

Based on all these factors, have you already got the knowledge about your lithium-ion batteries lifespan?

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