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Sunday, July 31, 2011

It is reported that the new iPad laptop computers have great influence on the whole industry development. These years, the sales volume has got only little increasing while the rate of last few years have reached about 20% to 40%. What’s the core value of Apple laptops?

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Although Apple had missed the great mass fervor of netbook in 2009, the miracle of Apple laptop computers is really amazing and unbelievable. Therefore, to cope with all these problems, the laptop manufacturers should take some effective efforts.

Security and stability

Security is a platitude of an old scholar to our electricity industry while customers will have different requirements to the laptop computers. It is obviously that the basic figures for laptop computers should be security and stability, including hardware, software and data security.


Green low energy consumption

Nowadays, environmental protection has got the attention from all walks of life. It can not only save the cost of enterprise but will protect our environment perfectly. As to laptop, low-consumed chip and other hardware have become the core value at present. Some non-glare LED screen can even reduce the consumption of nearly 60%, which is rare to portable consumer electronics. At the same time, it has also the ability to strength the standby time of computers.

Service is the core competitiveness

In this brutally competitive laptop market, good service and quality have promoted the development of all enterprises and manufacturers. Therefore, the standard of one year warranty has become guild regulations.

Just as USB Phone World, we have broadened the service from after sale to the whole process, from passive support to positive support. These days, we have also got our own online customer service by direct online chatting tool. Users can enjoy the special line service to solve all of the problems about selection, maintenance, warranty and so on.

We believe that the core value of the laptop industry must be based on these three factors. So is Apple. The lesson from Apple laptop has just the reminding of correct development direct. And it will guide us to a fast developing track.

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