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Thursday, July 21, 2011

It is said that a great number of users are used to work connected with external notebook charger while the lithium-ion batteries are still installed. However, some of them come to worry if such a habit will reduce the battery lifespan.

To be sure, each lithium-ion laptop battery has got limited recharging cycles of about 300 to 400. Although some technicians can update the level to nearly double times, it seems that the battery will also be damaged if it is continuously charging all the day.

Such a concept sounds logical, but the laptop batteries are not so weak as they think.

recharging cycles, lithium-ion battery

In conventional practice, the internal calculation system won’t record a charging cycle by charging and recharging times by periods. That is to say, the power energy consumed will be counted. When the consumption has reached about 80% to 90% of the internal capacity, it has completed one recharging cycle.

Evidently, as long as the battery hasn’t consumed so much from the external power supply, it will reduce only a little in every single day.

As a matter of fact, when there’s notebook charger available, lithium-ion battery just doesn’t work at all while users can find it not in charging for most of time. In the process, only the internal circuits of batteries are consuming the internal power energy while it will not recharge until the remaining has reached about less than 96%.

And there’re also some other factors influence on the lifespan, such as heat, internal contaminations, moisture, dust and so on. Compared to keeping connected with power adapter tips, if users cannot store the lithium-ion battery correctly in suitable places, the damage will be more seriously.

Actually, someone had ever killed his unused laptop battery. When he needed to use the battery after a few months, he was disappointed that it was out of work already. In my point of view, good maintenance and agreeable environments are of the greatest significance.

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