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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Actually, my desk has filled with power supply taps and cables thanks to my special work. But at home, I am also accustomed to the light of AC adapter. If you have the similar habit, you must have seen that it is conspicuous light source in pitchy darkness. Without a switch power supply tap, such a habit is also a way to waste energy consumption.

notebook charger, power supply tap, standby mode

Maybe you can think it a storm in a teacup, but the report of notebook charger accumulative total energy consumption has really surprised me a lot.

As is exemplified with a 60W notebook charger, it has consumed about 60W in charging and 6W in standby mode. Such a volume can be compared to a charging mobile phone. If it has been calculated by months and years, the consumption is so horrible. Supposedly, you can learn about the produced carbon emission and pollution.

However, the notebook charger is only the tip of the iceberg in the office or at home, television, DVD player and other consumer electronics won’t have reduced their consumption in standby mode if they are still connected to the power supply taps.

Recently, I have discovered a very strange charger in France. Mayamax, as a universal charger designer company, they have produced a very simple and environmental protection AC adapter. After you have started to charge, the device can be shut down completely and automatically after about three hours. Although it still cannot be applied to laptop computer and other high-consumed devices, it has performed well in some small portable electronic products.

green charger

This kind of ecotypical charger has got inner calculagraph that can cut off the power when the limitation time has reached. If thus green notion has been realized in notebook charger, it is bound to be a revolution to solve many existed problems like security, consumption and pollution.

Before, the technology has become robusted, users had better develop the habit of shut off the power at any time. Power supply tap with switch is another good idea to decrease electricity consumption. Not only for your notebook charger but also for us, a healthy way will make a healthy life.

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