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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

With the summer coming, I just can smell something burning from outside. Although these days are not so hot, it is not easy for me to take my laptop computer out and I will be worried about my customers if I don’t have my USB phone.

usb phone, laptop computer

If you are also Otaku like me, how to make your office work or home entertainment more interesting just like outside?

If we stayed in the office, the problem comes to be the communication and conference with our cooperator and colleagues. If you don’t have an iPhone, a kind of USB phone here is also a way to realize video calls if you have installed Skype mate. Then we can interact with each other wherever they are.

At home, it can be more amazing. Whether you are watching the movies or playing 3D games on your laptop computer. Users can just take use of full screen effects while the USB phone will remind you the coming calls or messages from Skype, Yahoo and MSN messengers. Or you can also communicate with your game partner as well.

If we have to be out, how to get more funs with laptop and USB phone without any damages?

To be sure, summer is a very suffering and rough time for all the consumer electronics. When working outside, whether on the way or open country, we should have got some effective preventive measures.

If you need conference or calls only, you even don’t need to take the laptop computer out while cordless Skype phone can work about 160 feet away from the motherland. And the white phones are better than the black ones in summer.

As to the laptop computer, I think it is more reasonable to use an extended life laptop battery replacement instead of charging by the AC adapter all the day when working in the field.

Whatever, we will have more kinds of possible ways on our business or activities. Contact with your friends by USB phone to have a unforgettable summer day.

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