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Sunday, June 26, 2011

New start comes with ending and consumption. Although such a situation doesn’t occur in each time of charging, activation by deep discharging is necessary to adjust the indicator and get more power energy from external power supply. But is it possible or reasonable to consume completely?

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How to discharge correctly and entirely?

As a matter of fact, discharging is similar to charging in terms of level and limitation. If discharging too frequently or too deeply, even the longlife battery is unlikely to use long enough or just destroyed. The best way is taking advantage of battery management software and operating according to the indicating figures or automatically.

In addition to lithium-ion cells, there’s also backup part for laptop batteries in power energy. Once such a part is consumed seriously, longlife and normal battery will be damaged. That is to say, please pay attention to recharging period after shutting off.

How to check if all the power energy is consumed completely?

In most cases, laptop comes to be power off before all the power energy is consumed completely. If possible, you can get a universal multimeter to test on output voltage and current. As charging process will change in different stage, such as top off charging, stable charging and reducing charging, we can observe the figures and determine if laptop battery is consumed compeletly. Especially for longlife battery, we can also learn about the internal resistances by output power energy.


Considering of internal resistances and heat, standby time in theory won’t happen in most time of use. Especially when after using for years, such a level reduces more rapidly so that a longlife battery will be of less level than a standard one. Just as ourselves, clearing in some cases is a good choice to start a new journey.

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