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Thursday, June 9, 2011

It is a story recorded in “365 Ways to Change the Whole World” by Michael Norton. Whether it is fictional and realistic, I definitely believe that such situations are possible to realize. With “2012” has become a more and more popular topic in the world, LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) has been created and listed as a hot keyword. Actually, it is more than collecting dead batteries.

dead batteries, business

Business rule: Many a little makes a mickle.

Each large brand is started by small business. A dead battery is worthless to most of others, but it has also become the treasure of the finder. So are knowledge, experience, resources, fund, reputation, customers and even dead batteries quantity.

Actually, even if you want to get a shortcut, you should have owned your unique advantages and superior in at least one of the above factors. Never fear to wait as business is worthwhile to wait and accumulate.

Life rule: We have all sorts of life style.

According to “365 Ways to Change the Whole World”, Michael has shown as about 365 feasible life styles. And I believe the reality in our life must be more than 365 ways. As long as you like, you can choose any of them and enjoy such a new life style. Nothing is impossible. Maybe you are just the social business owner of collecting dead battery. Love the environment and love yourself.

Value rule: Everything is useful, including dead batteries.

Maybe a great number of people are confused about themselves in their values. Some of them have too high objects while some others haven’t figured out their potential abilities and values. Turn around and observe the surroundings more clearly. You can see more and more valuable factors that you have ignored before. Take advantage to start your journey.

Success rule: Take action and insist on your career by various possible ways.

Success is not easy but completely possible to everyone. Even if you have tried 99 ways and failed, please insist if you are eager to have and interested in. I am convinced that as long as one of 365 ways is effective, we can grab the opportunity to be successful.

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