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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Users have continuously suffered from HP recalling events and hurt by both physical and psychologically. But why does battery for hp appear in recalling list again and again. Or is any other product poor in quality as well?

li-ion laptop batteries

As is known to us, it is not the first accident to HP. In 2006, the National Consumer Product Safety Commission declared to replace the HP laptop batteries produced in January of 2005 in the whole world. HP had also admitted that such problems have led to some security dangers. In 2008 and 2009, HP continued to recall thousands of batteries and established the replacing project. And this time, batteries for hp are still come across quality problems in overheating and burning.

Laptop batteries are manufactured by Li-ions as primary materials. However, as Li-ions have some physical properties, including instability, heat sensibility, short lifespan, venders have added some other elements inside the capacitor. That is to say, in a slim electrical plate, various of flammable substances will lead to fire once short circuit and overheating occurred.

Actually, such weakness for Li-ion laptop batteries has been released several years ago. According to current situations, users have higher requirements on battery durability so that manufacturers have to install more additional functions and improve the specifications. When the technologies cannot catch the demands, products security and quality have become the final victims. In addition, the standards for laptop battery are still disordered. Many laptops have good appearance and comfortableness instead of heat dissipation and safety.

Some insiders introduced that two primary factors should be considered to solve the battery for hp security problems. In technology, it relies on scientific means to control the internal structure and composition. In standard, the industry is eager to have an obviously regulation.

Consumer electronics have played a more and more significant role on our life and work. HP, as a leading manufacturer in the work should pay more attention to the battery for HP users. It is really unreasonable to make the quality to be a major resistance.

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