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Thursday, May 26, 2011

A businessman who has travelled to China happened to come across battery burning on the airplane. When a flight attendant discovered the accident, a tongue of flame has grown up to more than 10 centimeter, which is so dangerous and urgent in the air. Fortunately, the accident has been controlled in time and no one is hurt.

burnning digital camera battery on the airplane

Yesterday afternoon, before landing in the airfield, someone had smelled a smell of scorching. Such a warning had aroused the attention to the serviceman and other passengers. Immediately, they began to have a thorough check on the luggage cabinets and found the burning digital video camera battery. And thrown it into the toilet and stamped out by air fire extinguisher.

What is permitted by airplane about Li-ion battery?

According to the universal organization regulation, it is inadmissibility to take any Li-ion battery in registered luggage. But passengers can carry at most 2 Li-ion backup batteries as personal effects while they can also take their consumer electronic products with batteries inside, including watch, laptop, mobile phone, digital (video) camera, calculator and so on.

Who is the root cause of this burning video digital camera battery accident?

It is reported that continuous short circuit and overloading are the primary causes to overheating and even burning. If the Li-ion digital camera battery has also been located beside metal objects, it will lead to battery burning by contact or friction suddenly. FAA experts had indicated that Li-ion battery is likely to have self sustaining burning in the air when meeting with thermal radiation. From 2001 to 2007, there’re about 13 accidents about Li-ion batteries occurred in USA and even one of an USA air freighter had crashed in Dubai.

What can be prepared to avoid such an accident?

In fact, Li-ion digital camera battery put inside the motherland is more dangerous. Comparatively, a sole np bg1 Sony battery that has good protection in the package is more safe. After all, short circuit will increase the output current rapidly. Once one of the cells have burned, all the others will be influenced gradually and cause the accident. Anyway, users should check on the battery performance before putting into the package. The internal structure and materials of electrode and electrolyte are also the key insurances.

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