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Monday, May 23, 2011

The damage for laptop LCD screen is divided into two parts, including software and hardware. It is unreasonable to replace or repair the screen in a hurry instead of having a serious check before. In some cases, the software problem is the primary cause to destroy the internal structure, just like that of battery indicator.

laptop lcd screen

Black screen – If the screen is not on after pressing the switch for minutes, we should check if the power indicating light is on.

If the light is off, we can go for power cable and ensure the performance of power supply. Usually, such a consequence is not the problem of LCD screen. If the power supply is OK, there must be something wrong inside the screen circuits. We recommend you to take it repaired by professionals.

If the light is on, you can try by restart the laptop and pay attention if the motherland is running. Usually we can judge by temperature, sound and other indicting lights. Sometimes, it is also led by poor contact between screen and motherland.

Wrong display frame in LCD screen

If you find you the screen is whitening instead of brighter, it is different from energy-saving mode or work with sole laptop battery. According to my experience, it can be the problem of graphics card or drive.

At the first, you can take you laptop computer to maintenance site to check if the graphics card is under good performance. Without problems, you can uninstall the graphic drive and reinstall a new correct one.

In a few cases, the video memory will make some fixes places in the screen to be flash.

Wrong screen mode - If so, users can go to security mode to adjust the size of screen and restart.

Color Hump

If the situation has occurred, please notice the surroundings to take magnetic objects away, such as mobile phone, magnetic screwdriver and so on. In addition, the laptop LCD screen had better to be prevent from air conditioner, refrigerator, washer and television.

Of course, you can set by yourself to degauss in the screen. Or turn off your laptop computer for more than half an hour to solve color hump. Just like laptop batteries, the laptop LCD screen also needs to activate by restart for several times.

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