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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Have you imagined about our classroom in the future? What will it be? Recently in an electronics exhibition, an amazing classroom has shown us by different structure. At that time, students don’t need to take a schoolbag but a slim electronic PC while the blackboard is also replaced by multimedia LCD screen. The only material that teachers need to take is USB flash disk.

electronic classroom, lcd screen

In class, after connecting the USB disk into the work table, students can see the class display in the electronic “blackboard”. And it is also a large smart screen with all types of multimedia additional functions. Just like iPad, we can adjust the image size and change the color of each page.

As to the electronic “schoolbag”, it comes to be more interesting. Actually, it is a specialized tablet PC which has stored the textbooks and workbooks. As long as a topic has announced, students can answer, pick up the items and even put questions. Afterwards, homework can reach all the students by WLAN. So is the feedback from teachers. Therefore, each one can learn about the results of homework clearly by statistics and improve the arrangement of each class.

In some areas, electronic schoolbag has been taken into use while not so completely in the functions and applications. In addition, some other problems related to electronic classroom should be solved with time goes by.

In the exhibition, different sorts of teacher robots have attracted us a lot, including for programs, for driving and so on. Another 3D LCD screen is also a good idea as it can show the students more images with realities. Many relevant devices for classroom are fruitful and provided us different possibilities in the future.

My colleague John said that it is really blessed to be a student in the future and we will be cannot help but get up earlier to go to school.

Even so, the cost of electronic class is very high than the current ones. 3D LCD screen and electronic schoolbag need high technologies and security accessories. Let’s wait to the reality with such an amazing classroom to be reality.

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